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Award Winning Portraits

Award Winning Portraits

As a member of Antique & Amusement Photographers International, we compete each year in a worldwide photo competition. Check out our gallery of award winning portraits! They also offer great ideas for your own portrait.

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Portrait Pricing

Sitting Fees

Sitting includes one unframed 8x10 offered in sepia, colour, or aged colour.

One Person$49.95 Two People$64.95 Three People$79.95 Four People$94.95 Five People$109.95 Six People$124.95.

Add $15 per additional person.

Additional Photographs

One 8x10$20.00 Two 5x7's$20.00 One 11x14$49.95 One 16x20$69.95 Canvas 11x14$69.95 Canvas 16x20$89.95.


All-In-One Package

Includes a Wooden Flashdrive of all your images, 2 Additional Sheets, and your choice of any of our 5x7 or 8x10 frames for all prints.


Digital Package

Includes a Wooden Flashdrive of all your images & 2 Additional Sheets.


Print Package

6 Additional Sheets with your choice of 1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7's, or 4 - 4x5's per sheet.


Christmas Cards

Includes Cards and White Envelopes. Inscription inside reads "Wishing you an Old-Fashioned Christmas and a Happy New Year."

12 - $59.95
24 - $99.95
36 - $139.95

Gift Certificates

We also offer gift certificates in any denomination. Stop by our store or call to order one!

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*Prices for additional prints, enlargements and packages do not include sitting fee.