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Award Winning Portraits

Award Winning Portraits

As a member of Antique & Amusement Photographers International, we compete each year in a worldwide photo competition. Check out our gallery of award winning portraits! They also offer great ideas for your own portrait.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take?

The average portrait takes 20 minutes.

2. When do I get my portrait?

Your portrait will be ready to take home in 5 minutes.

3. Do I need an appointment?

Our studio is walk-ins only, no appointment necessary.

4. Can we get copies later?

Yes, we keep all pictures on file forever.

5. Can I get copies of old pictures I had done?

We have saved all images since we began using negatives in 1998 and then digital files in 2001. Contact us if you wish to order.

6. Do the pictures come with a frame?

Portrait prices do not include frames, however a wide variety of Antique Styled frames are available at an additional cost.

7. Do you ship anywhere?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

8. Do we have to change our clothes?

Most costumes fit over your clothes.

9. Do you fit all sizes?

Yes, from newborn infants to XXXL.

10. What is Aged Colour?

Aged colour is a process in which your portrait is converted to sepia tone (brown and white) and then a small amount of the original colour is allowed back in, ending up with a faded or "Aged" looking colour, which is a beautiful alternative to a full colour or sepia print.

11. Okay, then what is a vignette?

A vignette is a faded oval added around the edges of your portrait. The vignette softens your picture and brings the focus more to the subjects in the picture as opposed to the set and background. For a sample, see the first picture in our photo gallery on the Portraits link above.

12. What does Digital Green Screen or Chromakey Background mean?

This technology is commonly used in movies to place actors in a location which can not otherwise be filmed. In our studio, this technology allows us to place you and your friends or family on a background that we don't have inside our studio. The subjects are posed in front of a lime green backdrop, and once the portraits are uploaded to the computer, a new background is digitally imposed behind the subjects instead of the "Green Screen." If your pictures have been taken normally in front of our parlour background, please ignore all of the Chromakey Background/Movie Poster Names boxes on the reorder pages.