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Award Winning Portraits

Award Winning Portraits

As a member of Antique & Amusement Photographers International, we compete each year in a worldwide photo competition. Check out our gallery of award winning portraits! They also offer great ideas for your own portrait.


About The Antique Photo Parlour

Welcome to The Antique Photo Parlour On Line. I have been turning back time since 1976 and I enjoy photographing guests in my studios.

I have been researching diligently to reproduce clothing from the Victorian era, the Cowboys, Gunfighters & Gamblers along with their Show Girls, the Roaring 20�s and most recently the Pirate era. We hand make most of the selection of clothing in the studios and have a wonderful collection of props to complete your portraits.

A visit to our studio is an entertaining event. Families, sometimes including pets, couples creating a memory or a group photo is a unique photographic experience.

I have shopped the world for beautiful antique styled frames which we sell at very reasonable prices. There is a rustic barnwood collection or elaborate Victorian styles to choose from.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the gifts & frames we offer here on our website & perhaps one day you�ll visit us at our studio.

Fay Cunningham, Proprietor