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Denix Replica Guns are made in Spain & are historically accurate to the finest detail. The replicas on our website are considered decor in Canada.

Guns are non firing and made of a metal alloy that is 95% Zinc without iron or steel and must not be modified.

Whether a swashbuckling pirate flintlock, a Civil War pistol or those carried in the Wild West stories of the mid 1800's including people like Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp, we offer a wide selection of replica guns from these time periods.

Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING in Canada.

Whether as a gift or for yourself a Denix Replica Gun will be impressive!

Replica Guns & More

Pirate pistols, Blunderbuss, Flintlocks, Pepperbox pistols, Double barrel, Triple barrel, Quadruple barrels that rotate, Decorative Grips, Knife-guns, Army or Navy Colt revolvers, 1800's era Revolver Box sets (including 6 'bullets'), long barrel and short barrel revolvers, we have a little of everything here!

Holsters and 45 caliber replica bullets, Sheriff, Marshall, Tombstone and Chief of Police Badges also available.