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Denix Replica Guns are made in Spain & are historically accurate to the finest detail. The replicas on our website are considered decor in Canada.

Guns are non firing and made of a metal alloy that is 95% Zinc without iron or steel and must not be modified.

Whether a swashbuckling pirate flintlock, a Civil War pistol or those carried in the Wild West stories of the mid 1800's including people like Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp, we offer a wide selection of replica guns from these time periods.

Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING in Canada.

Whether as a gift or for yourself a Denix Replica Gun will be impressive!

Replica Guns & More

Pirate pistols, Blunderbuss, Flintlocks, Pepperbox pistols, Double barrel, Triple barrel, Quadruple barrels that rotate, Decorative Grips, Knife-guns, Army or Navy Colt revolvers, 1800's era Revolver Box sets (including 6 'bullets'), long barrel and short barrel revolvers, we have a little of everything here!

Holsters and 45 caliber replica bullets, Sheriff, Marshall, Tombstone and Chief of Police Badges also available.

For more guns, accessories, and information about your favorite replicas, visit our new dedicated Denix Replica Guns website!